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Guest Posting for Determining Authority in Your Business Industry

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Guest Posting provides a safe, reliable and authentic online platform to capture audience for your business. It is a proven way of acquiring powerful backlinks for your business website, which serve as the backbone of any online marketing journey.

What are Guest Posts?

In simple words, Guest Posts mean writing and publishing your thoughts/articles on someone else’s blog or website. However, it requires a significant expertise in writing good and genuine stuff, which is always needed by brands and private bloggers.

It is also essential to keep your articles Niche-relevant and maintain linguistic appeal to convince the reader and help them understand your thoughts with ease.

How Does Guest Posting Matter

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Guest Posting creates a more lasting effect on the authenticity of your offerings, be it professional or personal stuff. It establishes a sense of reliability among users and makes them learn more about your business. Basically, it is an impressive way of maintaining your reputation and extending your outreach to the potential customers.

Guest Posting, specifically, matters in the following ways:

  • Generates competitive backlinks for your website (If you have access to tools like Open Site Explorer, you can easily track competitors for backlinks for any blogs they have written for)

  • Generates interest in your industry, among audience

  • It remains Niche-relevant and informative

  • Builds relationships and engages readership from social media and

  • Exposure to new audience and chances of convincing them

  • Possibility of promotions on by readers from social media

  • The more better it is, the more chances of coming in top Google Searches

What to Do to Pitch Your Guest Post

In order to pitch your Guest Post, you need to keep a few things in mind;

Following the Guidelines Carefully

You need to first ask the blog owner to provide you with complete guidelines or demands that he has for writing for his blog. Sometimes, the blog owners just require a Guest Post idea, while at others, they ask for complete blog posts. Moreover, they might also need you to create an account on Content Management Systems (CMSs) like WordPress, Wix or Squarespace.

Personalize Your Email

By being a blogger, you would be sending and receiving emails all day. Hence, it is necessary to have a personalized email, exclusive to your taste and work ethics.

Have a Portfolio

It is impressive to have a brief portfolio of your previous works. It convinces the blog owner to trust you readily. It is better to highlight the posts with good social engagement and response.

Creating a Great Guest Post

It is true that everything depends on the quality and authenticity of your posts. However, it is equally essential to know the quality and worth of the blog you intent to write for. Here are a few ideas to enhance attractiveness in your Guest Posts:

It is NOT an advertisement

Remember, the Guest Post is not an advertisement for anything; it is an article with information, including relevant facts, figures and references. You need to stay focused on the topic, with the aim of enlightening the readers with information, not publicity of your product/service.

Including Internal Links

It is an extra effort to insert some internal links that go back to the blog owner’s posts. This will give them an idea that you are fully aware of their content. Also, it will bring your post in the top searches with particular keywords.

Including Call to Action for Comments

At the end of your Guest Post, be sure to add Call to Action for comments. It is important for generating more discussion and engagement for your articles.

In conclusion, Guest Posting is a great way of generating backlinks for your website and promoting your services in top Google Searches. It enables the readers with detailed information, unlike advertisements, which are too brief. Hence, by keeping in view the specific Guest Posting rules, one can make a prominent presence in online marketplace.

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